Would you like a muffin with that?

Customer service in any job is tiring. It is emotional draining and physically exhausting. I come home everyday to sore feet, a story to tell and back ache that even a massage can’t fix.

When I first started my job in a coffee shop I wasn’t used to being on my feet and one of the first pieces of advice I got from a colleague was “Get memory foam shoes and thick socks”. I thought she was joking but my God for the first few months my feet killed to the point every night I had to soak them in hot water and sleep with a hot water bottle.

As the years passed by my feet got used to the 8-10 hours on my feet shifts and the pain I received moved to more of an emotional pain of dealing with rude, stupid and obnoxious customers.

You hear the boomer generation speak about how my generation doesn’t know what hard work is and we get everything handed to us and in some aspect that’s true but for someone that works damn hard for a living it’s not true. We are not a snowflake generation, we are a generation of motivational speakers, activists, freedom of speech, environmentalists. We are at a time where we can speak our feelings, act on those feelings and be whoever we want to be.

I want to be someone that can make a difference in someones day to day life with a cup of coffee. I say thank you and enjoy, or have a nice day. That one comment can make someones day. I don’t purposely break my equipment or run out of stock to attack you and ruin your entire life. If I go into an establishment and they have sold out of a popular item I can relate to that. I understand. I won’t go full Karen and demand to speak to the manager as if you’ve personally just ruined my entire life because you have no skimmed milk left. Things go wrong, you can’t expect a business to be 100% perfect at all times. You can aim for that and you might go an hour in the day where everything is top notch but you’re guaranteed for something to break, run out or fuck up. I don’t think a day goes by where my till doesn’t fuck up at least once.

The older generation are brought up on this entitled mentality. It’s like they expect everything for free, cheap or a discount. I work to pay my bills not to worship you and your every need.

We as a modern population need a modern solution to bad customer service. Why isn’t sorry good enough? Why should I refund you an item you chose to buy, ate half of and then decided you don’t want the rest? Why won’t people just accept an apology?

I will go the extra mile to meet a customers needs but if you don’t let me explain or even try to level with me on a solution there’s not much I can do except direct you to our complaints department. Speaking to the manager won’t help because they will just forward your comment on.

Customer service is draining. People forget we are also human not robots. I can’t go any quicker than the machine goes. Our prices are more because you’re not just paying for the coffee, you are paying towards our wages, rent costs, bills, stock, maintenance, investments. We could charge 20p for our coffees but when the machine breaks where would we get the money from to repair that machine? How could we afford staff?

Next time you go into a store, think about what your server might have to deal with at home. They could be a student, a parent, a carer. We are here to pay the bills just like you do. We are minimum wage, bottom of the career ladder, stressed out and tired individuals just trying to make a living. Make your leaving comment a “thank you have a good day” because I guarantee you will make their day. Leave positive feedback with their manager or on a social network.

Everyone is quick to bring up the bad but rarely go out of their way to talk about the good.

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